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Why is my Garage Opener Light Blinking

You may have noticed that your garage openers’ lights are blinking and wondered what it meant. There are a few different things that could be causing this issue.


Here, we’ll explore the most common reasons for a garage opener light to blink and what you can do about it.


Why is my garage opener light blinking?

If your garage opener light is blinking, it could be for a variety of reasons. Most likely, the issue has to do with the safety sensors. These sensors are responsible for making sure that there is nothing in the way of the door as it’s closing.


If the sensors aren’t working correctly, are not properly aligned, or are blocked the opener’s main lights will flash, and the door will refuse to close. In some cases, you might be able to fix the issue yourself by realigning the sensors so they are pointing directly at each other again.


However, in other cases, you might need to hire an expert to repair the opener’s wiring. Either way, it’s crucial to identify the cause of the problem to avoid any future issues.


What do the different number of flashes mean on a garage door?

When you press the button on your garage door remote control, a small led light will flash to indicate that the opener is receiving the signal. But what does it mean if that light flashes one, two, three, or four or more times?


Depending on the brand of the opener, the number of flashes can indicate different things. But for the most part, the diagnostic is similar for most garage opener brands.


  • A single flash generally means an issue with the sensor wire, such as being open, broken, or disconnected.


  • Two flashes typically mean that either the sensor wire is shorted or the black and white wires are inverted. In both instances, the safety eyes will not glow continuously. You should therefore examine the wire for any staples or improper wiring.


  • Three flashes usually indicate a shorted door control or wire.


  • The misalignment of the sensor eyes is typically the most common cause of your opener’s lights flashing four times.


  • If the light is flashing five times, the motor may be overheated and needs to be cooled down.


  • Six flashes indicate a complete motor circuit failure, which will need to be repaired by a professional.


By understanding what each number of flashes means, you can quickly diagnose and fix any issues with your garage door opener.


Final thoughts

If you’re still having issues, it’s best to get the problem diagnosed by a skilled garage door technician from Door House. We will be able to quickly identify the issue and get your door opener working like new again.