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The Best Way to Clean a Garage Door

Your garage door is likely the first thing you and anyone who visits sees when pulling up to your house. It’s what gives people their first impression of the rest of your home and reflects how much you truly care about your home’s appearance. While the sheer size of it and the fact that you’ve probably got a lot more going on in your life might put you off cleaning it, cleaning your garage door is essential to protecting your investment and getting the most out of it. Luckily, cleaning your garage door is easier than you may think and doesn’t require any specialized equipment or cleaners. Here’s the best way to clean your garage door and keep it looking as fresh and new as possible.

Why You Should Clean Your Garage Door

Aesthetics aside, washing your garage door offers several benefits including prolonging the door’s finish and preventing rust. The chemicals sprayed on roads in winter are highly corrosive so the snow that melts off your vehicle inside your garage can and will lead to a rusty door if no steps are taken to keep them off your door.  Squeegee any water build-up near the door out of your garage as often as possible.  Ideally, you’d clean these chemicals off your garage door monthly in winter, but twice a year – once in spring and once in fall – will help too. Washing your garage door comes with the bonus of allowing you to get up close and inspect it for any wear and tear before any major issues develop. You could also include a wash as part of your annual fall garage door maintenance.

How to Clean Your Garage Door

The more often you clean your garage door, the less time it will have to get dirty and the less effort you’ll need to put in the next time you clean it. That being said, cleaning a garage door is relatively simple and requires very little. All you need is some water, a cleaning solution, a soft sponge or cloth, and a step ladder to get you to the highest points of your garage door without too much effort.

As far as cleaning solutions and other supplies go, you don’t have to get too fancy. Regular dish soap, car soap, or even mild detergent mixed with water will do just fine. Never mix your cleaning solution with bleach or other harsh chemicals as this can damage your door’s finish. Speaking of your garage door’s finish, it’s important to use a soft sponge or cloth to avoid scratching your garage door. As tempting as it may be, do not use a pressure washer to get the job done faster or strong abrasives like steel wool or scouring pads. The best way to go about cleaning your garage door is to treat it as if you were cleaning your car. If you wouldn’t use a particular soap or sponge on your car, then you shouldn’t be using it on your garage door either.

Much like cleaning your car, cleaning your garage door is relatively simple. Just dip your sponge or cloth into the cleaning solution, ring out any excess liquid, and wipe the surface of your garage door using gentle circular motions. Focus on one corner of your garage door first and move from left to right or vice versa as opposed to a random pattern. Re-soak your cloth or sponge every so often to get rid of any accumulated dirt. Once you’ve completed a full pass of your garage door, simply rinse it off using a hose or a bucket of water and dry it using a soft, clean towel. Alternatively, you can let your garage door air dry if the weather allows.

While you’re cleaning your garage door, don’t forget to check and wipe down other parts like the weather stripping, door tracks, and sensors to ensure they remain in good working order.

Contact The Door House for Your Garage Door Repair and Maintenance Needs

While cleaning should be a regular part of garage door maintenance for any homeowner, any issues or concerns discovered as you’re cleaning should only be handled by qualified professionals. If you discover or suspect a problem with your garage door while cleaning it, The Door House is here to help. Serving the local community for over 20 years, we’re proud to offer some of the most trusted garage door maintenance and repair services in Calgary. Call us today at 403-543-6900 or contact us online for a free quote on any of our services.