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Should I Repair Or Replace My Garage Door?

When a problem arises with our trusty garage doors, most of us will naturally look into a repair as the first option. When looking into the possibility of a repair, it’s definitely worth keeping the cost in mind. If the repair cost approaches the price of a new garage door, the door should naturally be replaced. Like-wise if the door is older or not in great shape, you’re likely better off putting your money toward a new door as the cost may not be that much different. In this article, we’ll take a look at a few potential problems that could arise and whether it’s worth repairing or replacing your garage door.


Cosmetic Damage

Cosmetic damage includes superficial damage that might not necessarily affect the operation of the garage door but looks bad and can de-value your home. Things like chipped or faded paint, dents, rot or rust could qualify as simple cosmetic damage. This might be the result of prolonged exposure to the elements as well as any impacts the door may have faced over the years. In most cases, cosmetic damage cannot be repaired unless a simple paint job will suffice.  Depending on how bad the door makes your home look, this alone may be a good reason to consider replacing the door.  Any warped wooden doors could be replaced with more modern, galvanized steel units. For those of you who prefer the wood look, we stock a range of steel doors with realistic wood grain finishes.  If you don’t mind the additional maintenance, nothing looks quite like a real stain-grade wood door and we have many beautiful options to choose from.


Structural Damage

Occasionally, damage may be more than skin deep. What may look like cosmetic damage to the untrained eye could actually be more serious structural damage. If you are seeing cracks, splits, or bends in the door sections this is often a sign the door should be replaced.  Other components such as rollers, springs, cables and hinges are not very expensive and are likely easily repaired.


Problems with Functionality

If your garage door is sticking, opening too slowly or making too much noise your decision on whether to repair or replace it should depend on the extent of the problem. Any issue affecting a garage door’s functionality should be looked into by a trained professional. A professional opinion could end up saving you money and headaches in the long run. A trained eye will be able to isolate the problem area and suggest the best course of action. The problem might be solved with a few simple adjustments, or it could be stemming from a multitude of issues in which case a replacement could usually be considered.


If you’re still unsure of whether to repair or replace your garage door, we’re more than happy to assess any issues you may be facing and help you determine which path to take. Our experienced staff will do their utmost to ensure your complete satisfaction. Get in touch with us today to find out how we can help.

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Maintenance tips

Helpful Tips For Maintaining Your Garage Door And Opener


We recommend performing the following inspections every 6 months: Check lift cables and rollers for visible signs of wear (cable fraying, roller bearings loose or sloppy). Never attempt to adjust or replace the springs, cables or bottom roller brackets yourself as all of these components are under extreme tension and serious injury can result. Call us if you notice any problems with these items.

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Electric Opener

We recommend performing the following inspections every 3 months for safety reasons. Electric openers are capable of producing significant force when opening or closing your door and if not properly adjusted can cause serious injury or death from being hit or trapped by the moving door.roller bearings loose or sloppy). Never attempt to adjust or replace the springs, cables or bottom roller brackets

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