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So, You Accidentally Hit Your Garage Door, Now What?

With our fast-paced modern lives, rushing in and out, dealing with kids, and handling the multitude of distractions we face even the best of us can slip up and hit our garage doors. The truth is, no matter how careful or skilled or a driver you are it’s worth considering what to do if you accidentally hit and damage your garage door. To help you cope with the aftermath and the flurry of decisions that need to be made following that distinguishable loud bang, we’ve come up with a guide on what to do if you sustain any unexpected garage door damage.

Take Stock of the Damage

The first thing you’ll likely do after hitting your garage door is to check it for any visual signs of damage. The most obvious signs of garage door damage will include things like dents, scrapes, cracks, and other aesthetic issues. Pay particular attention to the bottom of your garage door, as that’s the area that typically takes the brunt of the damage.

Bear in mind that just because your garage door may look fine, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it hasn’t been damaged. Looks can be deceiving and the impact could have damaged crucial components like the track or cables and springs, so be very careful when checking if it still opens and shuts. To avoid adding any unnecessary injuries to the damages, make sure to contact a trained garage door professional to assess and repair any damage to your garage door’s key components – don’t try and fix it yourself! Some components are under extreme tension and loosening the wrong screw or bolt can have devastating consequences.

Can the Damage Be Repaired?

The good news is that most cosmetic garage door damage can be easily repaired. If the door sections have not been bent the cost of repair should be minimal.  If the door sections are cracked or bent some of them will likely require replacement.  Door sections can be quite expensive so depending on the door’s age and condition you may be better off replacing the entire door.  Garage doors are less expensive than most people think so be sure to get pricing on both options so you can make an informed decision. DIY garage door repairs are not generally recommended and could actually result in more damage being caused, leading to the only viable repair option being a full garage door replacement. Furthermore, damaged tracks might warrant a full replacement depending on the age of the garage door and the amount of damage sustained.

If you discover any damage to your garage door contact us at 403-543-6900. As garage door experts, we’re more than qualified to assess the extent of the damage and carry out any necessary repairs or replacements.  We would be happy to provide an honest assessment of the best course of action and a free estimate of the costs involved.