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How To Prepare Your Garage For Winter

Throwing snowballs, drinking hot cocoa, making angels in the snow – these are a few of the delights that come along with winter. If you’re not prepared for the season, though, it can come with a nasty bite.

Procuring warm clothing, installing winter tires, and insulating your home are top winter prep priorities. Similarly, winter garage preparation is a vital aspect of getting your home ready for the colder months.

You can always benefit from a few reminders on winterizing garage areas. That’s why we compiled some of the things you can do to winter-proof everything you put in this part of your lovely home.

Clean, Clean, Clean

When winter hits, the last thing you want is a collection of leaves, dirt, debris, your tools, insects –practically everything that’s exposed the season before – to end up frozen. It’s time to tidy away everything left untended in the fall. Just like a spring clean, a thorough sweep, dusting, and decluttering of your garage can make a huge difference.

Don’t neglect corners and hidden spots where dust and pests could accumulate.

Cleanliness is nothing without organization, too. Make sure that the things you use in summer go back to the containers they belong to. Meanwhile, winter tools should be easily accessible and ready for use.

Know What to Seal

Sealing is a crucial component of winter garage preparation to block cold air, moisture, and critters. Let’s zero in on the essential garage elements requiring sealing:

  • Concrete: Winter can make concrete floors cold and damp. Applying a concrete sealer keeps your floor warmer, prevents water absorption, and resists oil stains.
  • Doors and Windows: Drafts indicate energy waste. Seal gaps in the garage doors and windows using weatherstripping. This preserves indoor heat and helps you lessen heating costs.
  • Small Openings: Tiny holes around cables, pipes, and wires are often underestimated. Seal them with expanding foam or caulk – a simple solution with a huge impact on indoor warmth.
  • Paint: High-quality latex paint adds an additional layer of insulation. It functions as a barrier against dampness, creating a cozier atmosphere inside.

…And Where to Ventilate

As you learn about winterizing garage areas, it’s essential to remember that while sealing keeps cold air out, ventilation allows damp air to escape. Proper ventilation encourages evaporation; it’s crucial for preventing moisture build-up, which can lead to mold and mildew issues.

This balance of seal and ventilation can be effectively achieved at home using wall vents.

Insulate Pipes

Never, ever forget this. Aside from blown pipes being a mess to clean up, it’s going to mess up another aspect of your home as well: your finances.

The solution is as simple as insulating your pipes. Foam pipe insulation, available at most hardware stores, is easy to install and provides a first line of defense against the winter chill. Remember to give extra attention to pipes near garage doors, windows, and unheated areas of the garage, as these are the most susceptible to freezing.

Inspect Your Garage Door

Often the largest moving part of one’s home, garage doors are frequently exposed to weather and, therefore, prone to wear and tear. Inspect the doors for any damages from the colder months last year – warps, cracks, or breaks that could invite the winter cold into your garage need to be addressed.

Check the insulation in the door, too, ensuring it’s still capable of providing the necessary thermal resistance. If not, consider weatherstripping or investing in an insulated garage door.

Don’t forget about the door’s mechanical aspects. Lubricating the metal components like rollers and hinges can help prevent them from freezing in colder temperatures.

Have Experts Do It For You

If there’s anything related to your garage door that you can’t fix, don’t hesitate to reach out to a reputable garage door company for assistance. Whether it’s a stubborn door or an issue with insulation, professionals have the expertise to ensure your garage door is never out of your winter garage preparation list.

Looking for more info on garage doors? Feel free to visit our blog and find everything you need to learn about maintaining, buying, and fixing your garage entrance.