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How to Open a Garage Door Without Power

Imagine this global lights-out scenario: computers lifeless, refrigerated food spoiling, and cities cloaked in an eerie silence.

Now, scratch the disaster movie scene and bring it down to your neighbourhood – not as dramatic, but still a nightmare. Consider your garage door, a simple daily convenience that transforms into an impenetrable fortress when the power fades.

Well, you’re in luck (assuming you’re reading this as a precaution)! This article will outline exactly how to open a garage door without power.

Leave No Room for Hazard

Before you brave the challenge, it’s crucial to take some safety precautions, which we’ll address before proceeding to our step-by-step guide.

  • Power Threats: If you don’t have a surge protector on your garage door opener you should unplug the opener. This step is crucial for preventing harm from potential sudden power surges when electricity is restored.
  • Door Collapses: Never pull the emergency release rope when your door is up. It could come crashing down and hurt someone.
  • Total Lockouts: Here’s a small task worth remembering – ensure you have another way into your home before leaving through your garage. Overlooking this step could magnify your problems, leaving you locked out of your home.
  • Further Issues: Once power returns, monitor your door’s movement. Any lack of smoothness is a sign you need the help of a professional.

Remember that you should prioritize these safety measures before you attempt to open a garage door manually when there is no power.

Step-By-Step Guide to Opening Your Garage Door Without Power

Let’s see how you can open a garage door from the inside when the power’s out.  Unfortunately, in most cases there is no way to open the door from the outside if you have an electric opener and the power goes out.  Obviously, if you were able to easily open it from outside so could anyone else which would be a serious security concern.

Step 1 – Locate the Emergency Release Kit

Finding the emergency release kit is your first step. It’s typically centred near the top of your garage door.  In most cases it will be a red rope marked with a handle labelled emergency release.

Step 2 – Trigger the Manual Mode

Pull the red emergency release rope, which temporarily disconnects the door from the electric opener.  Usually you will hear a pop when it disconnects.  Voila, you’ve just shifted your garage door into manual mode!

Step 3 — Lift the Garage Door

Time for a bit of elbow grease. Grab a handle or one of the hinges and lift up the door until fully open. Check that it is stable stays open without drifting back down.  If it wants to drift downward it’s a sign the springs require adjustment and you will need to prop the door up to hold it open.  If the door doesn’t stay open you will need to call a door company to service the springs.  DO NOT attempt to adjust the springs your self as they are under extreme tension and serious injury can result.

Step 5 – Re-Engage the Release Mechanism

Close the door once you have moved cars in or out of the garage. The next thing you should do is manually push the lever upwards or tug the release cord back and away from the door until you hear that satisfying click. There you have it. Your garage door mechanism is snapped back into the engaged position and when the power is restored it should open the door again.

Remember, some planning and practice can make easy work of what might initially seem like a mountainous task. So, familiarize yourself with this process, and you’ll have no problem navigating a power outage. Stay safe, and don’t forget to call a professional if you encounter any hitches!

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