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How Often Should I Replace My Garage Door Opener?

Like most mechanical objects, a garage door opener will eventually wear out and have to be replaced, yet how often a garage door opener should be replaced is something that seldom crosses most homeowners’ minds. This is especially true for new homeowners or people who’ve only owned their homes for a couple of years, despite a garage door opener being a crucial part of many garage door systems.

Most homeowners tend to replace their garage door opener as it ages or becomes damaged beyond repair. And while that’s perfectly fine, replacing or repairing your worn-out garage door opener often comes with the inconvenience of having to open and close your garage door manually for a few days or, in extreme cases, a broken garage door opener can leave your house vulnerable to opportunistic criminals.

Replacing your garage door opener before it wears out comes with several benefits but, ultimately, how often you replace it is entirely up to you. Nevertheless, it’s worth considering a couple of reasons to invest in a replacement garage door opener early. Let’s take a look at some of the lesser-known reasons behind regularly replacing your garage door opener.


The average garage door opener should last you around 15-20 years, give or take, but this all depends on things like how often it’s used, how frequently it’s maintained, and how much stress it’s under. An out of balance garage door can wear out the gears in an opener within months so it’s important to be sure your garage door and electric door opener are regularly serviced.  Regardless of how well you think your garage door opener may be working, you’ll probably want to consider retiring it as it nears its 20th birthday.


A working garage door opener isn’t necessarily a secure garage door opener, and this is especially true for older models. The older a garage door opener is, the older the technology behind it is and, as time goes by and technology continues to progress, criminals are finding quicker and easier ways to hack into or bypass older garage door openers. Openers manufactured before 2001 are particularly vulnerable to break-ins. Regularly replacing your garage door opener with one that incorporates the latest and best security technology is a surefire way to ensure your garage and home stay safe.


With the rapid development of smart home technology, updating or replacing your garage door opener for the latest model simply because of the added convenience is often a good enough reason to invest in a new opener. As mentioned in our previous post, modern garage door openers come equipped with a myriad of features, from added security to never losing your remote again, all designed to make your life easier.

If you’re looking to replace your worn garage door opener or upgrade to the latest smart garage door opener, The Door House has you covered. As a family-owned and run business for over two decades, we’re confident we can meet and exceed all our customers’ expectations when it comes to garage door opener repairs or replacement.  Call us today at 403.543.6900 or email us at to find out more.