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All Lift-Master Security+ Garage Door Openers are HomeLink compatible. New MyQ openers are only with Security+2 HomeLink systems.


Many vehicles are equipped with a built-in HomeLink® universal transmitter. This built-in remote can learn the codes for up to three remote-controlled devices through a simple training process. The transmitter can then activate these devices at the push of a button ­ all from one unit permanently mounted in you vehicle’s sun visor or overhead console. The HomeLink universal transmitter is compatible with gate operators, garage door openers, RF door locks and is even capable of arming and disarming security systems.

HomeLink® is:

  • Security+ Rolling code compatible (not compatible with Security+2 models)
  • Requires no additional receiver
  • Powered by the vehicle’s charging system
  • Programs (trains) to your original remote control in seconds
  • Compliments the vehicles interior

HomeLink Version 4: (compatible with Security+2)

Compatible with new Security+2 remotes (also back-wards compatible with Security+1)
Introduced in late 2007. Vehicles 2008 and newer may be compatible if a security+2 homelink system was factory installed.

Call your dealer with your vehicle’s serial # to check compatibility as not all new vehicles are using the new system. Vehicles prior to 2008 are not Security+2 compatible. A Home-Link repeater kit can be used to convert older Homelink systems to Security+2.A Home-Link repeater kit can be purchased from home-link by calling 1-800-355-3515. You can also go to the Home-Link website:

You can also go to the Home-Link website: