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4 Different Garage Door Styles to Choose From

Whether you’re building a new home or upgrading your current unit, there’s a ton of different garage door options to choose from. Don’t let this overwhelm you! Here at The Door House we’ve compiled a short list of our most popular types of garage doors to give you a better idea of what we’ve got available and to help you make a more informed decision.

Traditional Steel Garage Doors

Traditional Steel style garage doors deliver excellent value for money thanks to their durability and affordable price. Our steel garage doors come in a variety of designs, including short, mid or long panel designs and are constructed from premium quality materials for a virtually maintenance free final product. Quality doors will feature triple layer construction with a steel skin on the outside AND the inside with insulating material inside.  Stay away from entry-level products with no insulation, or with minimal insulation with a vinyl (think wallpaper) back.  Not only is the insulating value lower, but the quality drop is huge.  Definitely not worth it for the sake of saving $50-$100 on a door.  We include full exterior weather-stripping and a bottom “U” shaped arctic grade weather seal with all our doors. No matter how subtle or bold the statement you want to create with your garage door, our range of finishes have you covered.

Contemporary Garage Doors

A contemporary garage door is a great way to match your garage door style with your modern house style. Contemporary garage doors tend to have a minimalist design and often feature high-tech materials such as glass panels encased in aluminum frames, or premium flush or grooved galvanized steel.  All our contemporary garage doors come with full perimeter weather seals to keep out cold and protect from the elements.


Carriage Garage Doors

With the retro look coming back into fashion, carriage-style garage doors are becoming a more popular choice. This style aims to replicate the style of old carriage houses but often fit in perfectly even with more modern, contemporary houses. Traditionally, carriage doors swung open sideways but nowadays modern carriage doors are able to roll up and fold open using automatic openers, while still offering that old world charm. All our carriage style garage doors are constructed out of premium grade steel, insulated and come with full perimeter seals; including an arctic grade “U” shaped bottom seal. Our carriage style garage doors are virtually maintenance free and come in a variety of finishes from painted steel to simulated stained finishes to emulate the appearance of a real wood stained door without the required ongoing maintenance of wood.


Wooden Garage Doors

Traditional wooden garage doors complement a variety of architectural styles and can add a sense of warmth and beauty to any home. Our modern wooden garage doors are constructed out of your choice of stain grade, high durability wood species. Doors can be supplied finished or unfinished depending on your choice and all wooden garage doors are insulated to protect your home from the elements.


Ultimately, the choice of garage door style lies within you, the homeowner. Whether you’ve got your mind set on a particular style or still need a bit of assistance to finalize your decision, we’re here to help. Whatever your budget or idea may be, we’ll help you make your home look beautiful!