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When to Replace Your Garage Door Seal

One of the most underrated components of any garage door system, your garage door seal is that thin strip of rubber that runs along the edges and bottom of your garage door. Also known as weather stripping, your door seal helps keep out the elements and plays a crucial role in insulating your garage by keeping air both in and out. Additionally, it keeps insects and other pests out of your garage and acts as a protective barrier if you accidentally close your garage door too early.

Despite the door seal being one of the most important garage door components, it’s often one of the most neglected. After all, it’s not nearly as noticeable as some of the other, larger parts. Nevertheless, just like your garage door opener and garage door springs, your garage door seal needs to be occasionally checked and replaced as it ages.

To help you ensure that your garage is ready for winter, we’ve put together a list of things to look out for that’ll help you determine when it’s time to replace your garage door seal.

How to Check Your Garage Door Seal

Garage Door SealWe recommend checking your garage door weather stripping at least twice a year. Start by closing the door and working from the garage door bottom seal up, checking for any obvious signs of wear as you go along. Making your way around the edge of the door, check for any tears, cracks, holes, or warped sections. Even the smallest hole or warped section can let cold air and pests in, so don’t take anything lightly.

Next, you’ll want to feel for any air entering or escaping through your garage door seal. Run your hand along the edges or, better yet, run a small piece of paper around the edges of your garage door and watch it closely for movement. Any air passing through your weatherstripping is a clear sign it’s worn out and should be replaced. At this point, it’s also worth feeling your garage door seal for any particularly stiff or brittle sections, both signs of a worn-out seal.

Check for leaks by splashing some water against the outside of your garage door. Without opening it, check your garage door from the inside. Leaks mean that your garage door seal isn’t doing its job and should be replaced to avoid any unexpected flooding during a winter storm.

Last but not least, checking for light creeping through your garage door seal is another good way to determine whether it needs replacement. However, this can be hard to do during the day, so, it’s a test best left till after dark. Simply turn on the light in your garage, step outside, and close the door. Any light coming through means that your garage door seal is compromised and needs changing.

How To Replace Your Garage Door Seal

If you notice any damage or leaks, we highly recommend you replace your garage door seal no matter how minor you think they are. Thankfully, changing a seal is a relatively easy and inexpensive job. However, it’s still one that should be carried out by a professional. A badly installed garage door seal can cause a heap of issues down the line, which could even lead to safety hazards in extreme cases. Call us at 403-543-6900 or email us at and we’ll be happy to send over one of our garage door experts to assess and replace your garage door weatherstripping.