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My Garage Door Reverses Before Touching The Floor

Garages are a great addition to any home, as not only do they provide parking for your car, but they can also be used for storage, working on projects, and more.

So, when you encounter problems, such as when the garage door reverses before touching the floor, it can be quite annoying.  Often the issue can be fixed when you are aware of the most common causes that we will discuss in this article. Knowing possible causes will be key to understanding how to fix your garage door.

Why Does My Garage Door Reverse Before Touching The Floor?

Keeping your garage secure and warm in the winter and cool in the summer is made possible by your garage door, so making sure it is operating properly is essential.

Listed below are some common reasons your garage door may be reversing before hitting the ground:

Safety Eyes Are Misaligned Or Something Is Blocking Them

The safety eyes are about 6” from the floor on each side by the tracks.  The sending eye sends an invisible beam of light to the receiving eye.  If the receiving eye does not receive the signal the opener will not close the door for safety reasons because it is designed to assume there is something blocking the light and it’s not safe to close the door.  Sometimes, the door itself can block the signal as it is almost closed.  This is typically caused by something on the door sticking in too far and blocking the signal from the safety eyes.  It can also happen if the eyes are out of alignment and pointing slightly “outside” the garage opening in which case straightening the eyes should solve the issue.

Close-Force Setting Needs Adjusting

The close-force setting may need to be adjusted if the garage door reverses before hitting the floor. Usually, garage door openers have an adjustment screw for fine-tuning the amount of pressure or resistance the electric opener can “feel” before the safety sensor will stop and reverse the door to open it again.

The reasoning behind this is that friction between the door rollers and the tracks may be misleading the door opener into believing the door has reached the ground.

If this is the problem, decreasing the sensitivity on the door opener can solve the problem.  Before making any adjustments to the force settings, it is critical to first pull the emergency disconnect rope and lift and lower the door by hand to see if it requires an unusual amount of force to operate.  If it opens and closes easily by hand you are likely safe to decrease the sensitivity of the opener which will likely solve the problem.  If the door is difficult to lift or lower by hand do not try to solve the problem by adjusting the sensitivity on the opener.  Doing so can cause damage to the door and/or opener and create an unsafe situation.  If the door is not operating easily by hand you should definitely call a garage door professional to service the door.

Logic Board Needs Replacing

If your garage door opener is not responding or working properly, the logic board may need to be replaced. The logic board is a small circuit board that controls all the functions of the garage door opener.  If your garage door’s travel module wears out and is no longer able to transmit the garage door’s position to the logic board, your garage door may reverse, and suddenly close or open without warning.

When it fails, it can cause the opener to not work at all or to work intermittently. The logic board is usually located in the motor head of the garage door opener and can be replaced without having to replace the entire opener.

The Garage Door Is Binding

Garage doors that bind can cause severe restrictions preventing it from moving properly. Not only do they prevent the door from fully closing and reversing, but they can also be dangerous if left untreated or handled carelessly.

There are a few different things that can cause a garage door to bind, with the most common culprit being an obstruction in the track, such as a piece of debris, a build-up of ice or a bend in the track itself.  If this is the case,  you may be able to clear the obstruction yourself.  If you are unable to see an obvious obstruction you will likely need to call a Pro for help.

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