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4 Reasons Why Repairing a Garage Door Yourself Is a Bad Idea

If you’re like many homeowners, then you love the challenge and satisfaction that come with DIY. While you might be tempted to try and repair your garage door yourself, you’d be better off rethinking it. DIY garage door repairs can be difficult, expensive, and most importantly, dangerous. Consider the following before turning your faulty garage door into your next weekend project.


You Could Get Seriously Injured

Not being professionally trained in anything increases your risk of injury, and garage door repairs are no exception. Garage doors are heavy and the door springs hold a tremendous amount of tension which is transferred to many other parts.  Loosening one wrong fastener can cause a sudden release of tremendous stored energy with a high probability of serious injury as a result.  Unlike most homeowners, garage door technicians are trained in garage door safety and know exactly what to do to work on garage doors and openers safely.

If your main reason for attempting a DIY garage door repair is to save money, just think of all the money you’ll potentially spend on medical bills, vehicle repairs, and property repairs if something goes wrong. All it takes is one wrong move to put your life in danger, don’t risk it.


You Risk Turning a Small Problem into an Expensive One

While we’re not implying that you don’t know your way around a wrench, garage doors feature complex systems that take years to master. In other words, it’s never as simple as it seems.

Remember that no matter how many videos you watch or guides you read, all it takes is one slip up to turn a simple repair into a costly replacement. The internet is full of well-intentioned but incorrect information regarding garage door repairs which if followed can be dangerous. What’s more, your garage door likely came with a warranty when you purchased it. Any DIY repairs or modifications you make can instantly void your warranty.

You Might Not Have the Right Tools or Parts

Common tools can only get you so far, and most garage door and garage door opener repairs generally require at least one specialized tool. We’re not talking about quick fixes like fixing a loud garage door. Trying to make do with what you have just to save a few bucks can end up causing a whole lot more damage than you set out to repair. More importantly, using the wrong tools for the job is an easy way to get hurt — it’s just not worth it.

Speaking of things you might not have, you also risk not having the right parts when attempting a DIY garage door repair. Don’t be tempted to head online or down to your local hardware store for replacement parts to save money. Not only do you run the risk of picking the wrong parts, but you’ll also be purchasing them at their full retail price (instead of the much cheaper wholesale price paid by professionals).

You Could Waste Money Repairing Parts That Aren’t Damaged

If you’re into DIY, you’ll likely have made the mistake of misdiagnosing an issue or replacing a part that didn’t need replacing at least once. Garage door repairs require professional knowledge, and part of that knowledge is knowing exactly what’s wrong and how to repair it — knowledge the average homeowner doesn’t have. Continuing with the last point, even if you do get the right part for your garage door, how can you be sure you need it? Buying the wrong garage door part or misdiagnosing the issue can turn into a huge waste of time and money. Time and money you could have saved by simply hiring a professional for your garage door repair.

Bottom Line

Repairing a garage door yourself can be dangerous and cost you much more than you set out to save. If your garage door isn’t working as it should, you’re better off reaching out to a professional garage door repair company.  Most repairs are relatively inexpensive anyway. Serving the Calgary community for over twenty years, the Door House is dedicated to exceeding customer expectations. We take pride in our commitment to honesty, and there’s no need to worry about your bill being run up with unnecessary expenses. Contact us today for a quotation if you’re in Calgary and need a fast and professional garage door repair.