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Liftmaster 84501 Garage Door Opener

Quiet 1/2 hp DC motor whisper belt drive opener is great for garages with rooms above.  Built in wifi – open/control with your smartphone.

664.00 installed with 1 remote ($684.00 c/w 2 remotes) (Pricing is for standard 7′ high door. For 8′ high doors add $50.00).

Add the most popular option for only $70.00 Keyless Entry (a number pad to enter your garage)

Key Benefits

  • 1/2 h.p. whisper belt drive quiet opener
  • Equipped with wifi that lets you monitor and control your garage door remotely by using a computer or smartphone
  • 882LM Wall Control Panel – Open and close door, turns lights on and off and lock out remotes from this wall control.
  • 893LM Remote Control-3 buttons to control up to 3 doors
  • Security+ features. Security+2.0 rolling code technology with 2 switchable frequencies to eliminate range problems due to frequency interference. (not compatible with older home-link in-car systems)
  • Solid steel one piece T-rail runs from motor to door. This design is  more durable and trouble-free than Chamberlain systems that come in short pieces and have to be assembled.
  • Automatic light delay. Two LED lights turn on when door is opened or closed and turn off after 4-1/2 minutes.
  • Safe! With the protector system projecting an infra-red beam across the inside of the door opening, if anything interrupts the beam while the door is going down the door automatically reverses before making contact. As a secondary measure the opener also has adjustable force settings which cause the door to reverse if it senses resistance due to coming into contact with something or someone.
  • Home-link compatible (only with vehicles equipped with security+ version 2 2009 or later – check with vehicle manufacturer to check for security+ version 2 compatibility)
  • A full range of accessories is available.
  • Lifetime warranty on motor and belt. 1 year on all other parts and labor.

3-Button Remote Control

Allows you to control up to three garage door openers, gate operators or MyQ-enabled light devices.

Multi-Function Control Panel

Enables you to turn garage door opener lights on and off from inside the garage.

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