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Liftmaster 8360w electric door opener

Quiet 3/4 hp DC motor is perfect for garages with rooms above. With soft start and soft stop this opener starts moving your door slowly and then speeds up to place the least possible stress on your door.  $579.00 installed with 1 remote ($599.00 c/w 2 remotes) (Pricing is for standard 7′ high door. For 8′ high doors add $50.00). Add the most popular option for only $65.00 Keyless Entry (a number pad to enter your garage)

Key Benefits

  • Powerful direct current 800 newton motor. (quiet 3/4 h.p. equivalent)
  • Equipped with wifi technology that lets you monitor and control your garage door and house lights remotely by using a computer or smartphone.
  • 886LM Wall Control Panel – Turns on garage door opener lights automatically when you enter a dark garage – hands free.
  • 893LM Remote Control-3 buttons to control up to 3 doors.
  • Energy-efficient operation consumes up to 75% less power in standby mode
  • Security+ features. Security+2.0 rolling code technology simultaneously sends 3 different frequencies to eliminate range problems due to frequency interference. (not compatible with older home-link in-car systems)
  • Solid steel one piece T-rail runs from motor to door. This design is much more durable and more trouble-free than systems that come in short pieces and have to be assembled.
  • Automatic light delay. Two lights turn on when door is opened or closed and turn off after 4-1/2 minutes.
  • Safe! With the protector system projecting an infra-red beam across the inside of the door opening, if anything interrupts the beam while the door is going down the door automatically reverses before making contact. As a secondary measure the opener also has adjustable force settings which cause the door to reverse if it senses resistance due to coming into contact with something or someone.
  • Home-link compatible (only with vehicles equipped with security+ version 2 2009 or later – check with vehicle manufacturer to check for security+ version 2 compatibility)
  • A full range of accessories is available.
  • Lifetime warranty on motor. 1 year on all other parts and labor.

3-Button Remote Control

Allows you to control up to three openers, gates or MyQ-enabled light devices.

Motion Detecting Control Panel

Activates your garage door opener lights as soon as you walk in so no more fumbling in the dark. Programming your accessories is fast and easy with the new learn button.

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