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Quiet 3/4 hp DC ultra quiet motor with belt drive rail is perfect for garages with rooms above. With soft start and soft stop this opener starts moving your door slowly and then speeds up to place the least possible stress on your door. $469.00 installed with 1 remote ($489.00 c/w 2 remotes) (Pricing is for standard 7′ high door. For 8′ high doors add $50.00).

Add a keyless entry pad (the most popular option) for only $45.00 (a number pad to enter your garage).

Upgrade to wifi for $60.00.  Wifi allows you to control your door using your smart phone from anywhere you have an internet connection.

Key Benefits

  • Powerful, quiet, direct current 800 newton motor. (quietest on the market, over 3/4 h.p. equivalent)
  • Built in LED lighting (75 watt equivalent) – never needs to be replaced (no more changing bulbs)
  • WB330 Deluxe Wall Control Panel – Open/close door, turn on/off the led light, lock/unlock remote controls.
  • MK318 Keychain Remote Control-2 buttons to control 2 doors. (comes with visor clip) Small and very convenient.
  • Energy-efficient operation consumes up to 75% less power in standby mode
  • Rolling Code technology (compatible with new and older home-link in-car systems)
  • Automatic light delay. Led lights turn on when door is opened or closed and turn off after a few minutes.
  • Timer to Close Feature.  Turn on to have the door automatically close after the length of time you choose in case you forget to close your door.
  • Safe! With safety eyes projecting an infra-red beam across the inside of the door opening, if anything interrupts the beam while the door is going down the door automatically reverses before making contact. As a secondary measure the opener automatically adjusts force settings to ensure the door will reverse if it senses resistance due to coming into contact with something or someone.
  • Tamper -Proof Trolley.  Cannot be opened from the outside by fishing a coat hanger.  A patented Atoms Pro exclusive feature!
  • Lifetime warranty on motor and belt.  1 year on all other parts and labor.

KN 318

Optional KN318 Keyless Entry Pad.

Add the most popular accessory to your order.  Only $45.00

WB330 Deluxe Wall Control Panel

WB330 deluxe wall control is included. Open/close the door, turn the light on if you want additional light in your garage, and lock out remote controls if you are going on vacation.  Turn on the Timer to Close switch to automatically close your door if you forget after the time delay period you select.

MK318 Keychain Remote Control

MK318 Keychain Remote Control with 2 buttons to control 2 doors. One of the smallest remotes on the market, yet just as powerful. Conveniently slips in your pocket or just snap it into the visor clip (included) to attach it to your car’s sun visor.

Tamper-Proof Trolley

The Revolutionary Patent-Pending Tamper-Proof Trolley Design provides Peace of Mind and Added Security to Prevent Forceable Entry.

  • Latch shield protects trolley against external tampering.
  • Eliminate garage door break-ins from releasing the trolley.
  • Improve your home security.

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