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Tips for Choosing the Right Garage Door Design to Complement Your Home

Just like lifestyle changes over the years have influenced things like fashion and aesthetics, they’ve also helped develop the way modern homes look and how they’re used. Garages are no exception and as more and more uses are found for the modern-day garage, it’s important that they’re styled to match their purpose. When searching for a new garage door, there’s more to consider than just the color and if you’ve already started looking, you’ll undoubtedly have noticed the seemingly limitless amount of options. We understand that all these choices might seem a bit confusing to the average homeowner so, to help you out, we’ve listed three tips for choosing a garage door that perfectly complements your home.

Choose the Right Material

The material you choose can make or break your garage door and can mean the difference between a lifetime of trouble-free use or a lifetime of headaches and wasted money. It’s vital that you choose the right garage door material right from the start. Strength, durability, and maintenance aside, you need to make sure that the material actually goes well with your home. For example, a dark wooden garage door typically won’t compliment a brightly colored home, nor would a brushed steel roll-up door usually compliment a classical home.

Keep Your Home’s Style in Mind

When choosing a new garage door, you’d obviously want to go with one that matches your home’s style. At this point, you’ll want to spend a bit of time considering the options available to you. Would a classic, all-natural wood door go well with your home, or would a contemporary, glass and aluminum door better suit it? Choosing a garage door that matches your home goes beyond simply picking a suitable color and material, and you’ll also need to think about how the design and any visible hardware might impact your home’s overall look.

Don’t Forget Functionality

Speaking of hardware, you’ve got to make sure that your new garage door not only looks good but also serves its purpose as one of your home’s main access points. Today, the garage door is the most used entry point in most homes. It’s also the largest and heaviest moving object in your home. This means that it’s important to ensure the door you select is of a high enough quality to stand up to this heavy usage or you’ll be replacing it before long.  You’ll also need to take an even closer look at any potential doors to determine whether they will best serve the way you use your garage.  Many homeowners with tall ceilings in their garage are choosing to go with custom high lift hardware that allows the door to roll back close to the ceiling. Not only does this provide a much nicer looking installation, but it also would allow for the potential of a future installation of a car lift to maximize storage space.  Many homeowners are also choosing to go to newer side-mounted electric door openers instead of traditional ceiling mount openers. This provide a cleaner, less cluttered look, and because they are not mounted to the ceiling they greatly reduce the noise transfer to living areas above the garage.

Let the Door House Help You Make the Right Choice

If you’re looking to choose the right garage door that perfectly complements your home’s style while maintaining both safety and functionality, we’re here to help. Give us a call at 403-543-6900 or shoot us an email and we’ll do our utmost to make sure you’re paired with the best garage door for your home and budget. One that will look great, function well, and add the most value to your home.