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Traditional Steel Garage Doors (Insulated Steel)

Thermocraft Garage Doors

(mid panel design)

Available in R10.4 and R16 versions

RanchCraft Garage Doors

(long panel design)

RanchCraft Long Panel Garage Doors with R10.4 or R16 insulation

Lincoln Collection Garage Doors

Short, Long, Flush and Ribbed Panel Designs (R9 to R19.4)

Premium Series Garage Doors

R12.9 or R18.4 short/long panel doors with optional ultragrain finishes

Contemporary Garage Doors (Insulated Steel)

Flush Panel

Sleek flat panels for a contemporary look (R12.6)

Contemporary Series

Steel doors with horizontal T&G wood look (R16)

Modern Steel Collection

(Flat or Ribbed Panels with painted or simulated stained finish)

Insulated Steel in R18.4 or R12.9 insulation

Esteem Series

(Aluminum and Glass Garage Doors)

Carriage Garage Doors (Insulated Steel)

Carriage Craft

Carriage House design in R10.4 or R16 insulation.

Elite Series

(Simulated walnut stained finish or charcoal black)

R16 insulated steel doors

HillCrest Collection

(many patterns available)

Unique insulated steel door designs in painted or simulated stained finishes (R9 to R19.4)

Gallery Collection

(Optional Ultra-Grain simulated stained finishes)

R12.9 or R18.4 insulated steel garage doors

Classica Series

(many patterns available)

Classica Series R13.35 insulated steel garage door

Coachman Collection

(Coachman Collection Garage Door)

R9 or R18.4 insulated steel doors

Craftsman Series

(many patterns)

Paint-grade R12.6 insulated steel with smart-board overlays

Wooden Garage Doors (other wood species available upon request)

Carriage Series

(Real Stain-Grade Wood Doors)

Stain-grade custom cedar carriage doors (Approx. R6)

Estate Series

(Real Stain-Grade Wood Doors)

Elegant panel stain-grade doors (Approx. R6)

Canyon Ridge Collection

(Faux wood doors)

R18.4 to 20.4 steel doors with faux wood overlays.The beauty and texture of wood doors without the maintenance