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Garage Door & Opener Repairs & Service

The Door House offers the following services related to garage doors and electric openers. We stand behind our work with a 1-year service warranty on all our labor. This is in addition to the manufacturer’s warranty on any parts supplied.

Garage Door Repair Calgary

Garage Door/Opener Repairs/Service

We supply and install parts for most makes of garage doors and openers including replacement door springs.

Garage Door Service

Whether you’re looking for general maintenance or repairs to a broken garage door or electric door opener we can help. There are many parts that work together to lift a garage door and keep it running smoothly, such as the springs, rollers, cables, tracks, hinges and safety sensors to name a few. When a garage door isn’t working properly not only is it inconvenient, it can also become dangerous. These repairs are not for amateurs and serious injuries can result from loosening the wrong bolt (among other things).

Garage Door/Opener Tune-ups

If your door isn’t working very well it may work like new again with a few simple adjustments. We will inspect your door and make any minor adjustments or repairs necessary for a minimal fee. Door springs lose tension over time and need to be re-adjusted periodically. We will also lubricate any applicable parts. WARNING: Springs, lift cables and some other components are under severe pressure and can cause serious injury or death. Never attempt adjustment yourself.

To Book a service call, call us at 403.543.6900 or email us at: (Calgary, Alberta, Canada only)