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More power!!! Atoms Pro ATR6912 1.25 hp DC quiet motor with belt drive

From $599.00 installed

Atoms ATR6912 Pro Series opener with ultra quiet 1-1/4 hp DC motor.
Quiet belt drive rail system.
LED lighting, battery backup and wifi built-in

Liftmaster 84501 1/2 h.p DC motor whisper belt drive opener with LED lighting and wifi

From $664.00 installed

84501 1/2 h.p. DC motor whisper belt drive opener.
Includes built-in wifi so you can control your door from your smart phone!
LED lighting

Atoms Pro ATR2712B 3/4 hp DC quiet motor with belt drive. Wifi upgradeable for $60

From $469.00 installed

Compact - Quiet - Powerful - Smart
Atoms ATR-2712B Pro Series opener with ultra quiet 3/4 hp DC motor.
Quiet belt drive rail system and LED lighting

Liftmaster 8165W 1/2 h.p AC chain drive opener with wifi

From $469.00 installed

Liftmaster 8165W 1/2 h.p AC motor chain drive opener with wifi.

Liftmaster 87504 3/4 hp DC quiet motor with wifi, belt drive LED lighting, battery back-up and camera!

From $899.00 installed

Elite Series 3/4 h.p. DC quiet motor with belt drive, battery back-up, wifi , 360 degree ring of LED lighting and a built-in camera to monitor your garage through smart home features.

Liftmaster 8500c 3/4 h.p DC quiet motor - side mount garage door opener!

From $869.00 installed

8500c Unique side mount 3/4 hp DC motor - The quietest system ever designed! For installations where a standard opener won't fit or where an unobstructed ceiling is desired.

Electric Door Openers 

Garage door openers have become technologically advanced in recent years, some models even linking to your smart phone.  Choose from standard AC (alternating current) motors or much quieter DC (direct current) motors.

We are an authorized dealer for Skylink and Chamberlain Liftmaster products.

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Chamberlain Liftmaster at Door House


Calgary police have issued several warnings regarding home break-ins through the garage door. Thieves sit in residential areas, usually in the morning when people are leaving for work, and use a device called a code-grabber to receive signals from garage door remote controls. When someone uses their remote the device receives the code. After the homeowner has left, the thieves use the device to re-broadcast the code and gain entry to the garage and house. This is an obvious concern for all homeowners.

Now with rolling code technology, you don’t have to be afraid of thieves with the code grabber. All our openers have built-in rolling code technology. Each time you use your remote control the opener will automatically change the code required to open the door. This ensures that even if a code-grabber has received the code it cannot gain entrance because that code will no longer work. In fact, rolling code technology is so secure that it randomly selects from one of 100 billion possible codes each time you use your remote! That’s even better security than your credit card!