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Building A New Garage: What Every Homeowner Should Know

This is probably one of the most exciting projects to work on for your new home. Or maybe you’re just planning for a renovation of your garage. Whichever’s the case, you’re on the right page, as we’ll discuss here everything you need to know before starting your new garage construction.

Planning a garage build or remodel is about maximizing space, enhancing your home’s value, and potentially creating an additional area for work or leisure. But there’s more than just that.

Consider Zoning Laws

Before you start working on your new garage construction, be sure to check the local zoning laws. Each municipality has specific bylaws defining land use zones and setting standards, such as building size and location. Avoid facing hefty fines or potential jail time for non-compliance by doing this crucial step.

Remember, it’s not just about building a structure; it’s about respecting the community laws.

Attached vs. Detached Garage

An attached garage, as the name suggests, is physically linked to the main house. It shares at least one common wall and offers convenience, acting like another room that affords easy and weather-protected access to your home.

On the other hand, a detached garage stands alone, providing more flexibility for its location, shape, and size. It gives you freedom for additional features, such as a loft, but remember that its separate location means interacting with the outdoor elements when moving between the garage and the house.

It’s Not Just for Doors

Garages offer a versatile space for a variety of activities, not just parking your vehicles. Here are a few other uses that you may have in mind:

  • Home Gym: Save on gym memberships by dedicating a corner of your garage to exercise equipment. Add rubber mats and proper ventilation to make the space workout-ready.
  • Workshop: A garage can provide a robust space for your crafts, such as woodworking, painting, or pottery. Install good lighting to ensure safety and accuracy while working on projects.
  • Play or Rec Room: Create a fun space where kids can play or teenagers can hang out. Keep the area safe by using floor mats and storing dangerous tools and chemicals out of reach.
  • Storage: Of course, you can never go wrong with extra storage space. But keep things organized with shelves and boxes labelled for easy access.

Climate Control

Whether you’re using your garage for storing items, working out, or as an office, adequate ventilation, heating, and cooling systems are crucial. These ensure the longevity of your belongings and provide comfort during extreme weather conditions.

Proper insulation can also help regulate temperatures and lower energy costs. A well-conditioned garage contributes to the overall functionality of this valuable space in your home.

Garage Door and Electricals

Selecting the right garage door isn’t simply about aesthetics; it can be a crucial security decision. A robust door can deter potential trespassers, and modern automated doors even offer advanced safety features.

Meanwhile, here’s a checklist for everything electrical:

  1. Light fixtures: Ensure enough lighting for visibility and security.
  2. Power outlets: Plan for ample outlets considering their potential uses.
  3. Wiring: Set up for improvements like automated door systems.
  4. Safety measures: Install circuit breakers to prevent electrical overloads.

Investing in these details can go a long way in ensuring your garage is practical, safe, and secure.

Don’t Forget Your Driveway!

The driveway and garage floor, while easily overlooked, endure a lot of wear and tear. Opting for durable materials, like concrete or paving stones for driveways and epoxy coatings for garage floors, can enhance their longevity. Regular maintenance, such as prompt repair of any cracks, also ensures a long lifespan.


Thinking of starting your garage project? Reach out to us today to ensure your garage doors are not only practical, safe, and secure but also stylish and efficient. Transforming your garage starts with a call to The Door House!