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5 Tips to Prevent Garage Break-Ins

Securing garage doors is perhaps one of the most overlooked aspects of home security.  By not properly securing your garage door, you’re potentially jeopardizing your home’s security and presenting criminals with an entry point into your home. At the Door House, we care about our customers and place a great deal of emphasis on garage door security, which is why we’ve compiled a list of handy ways to help you prevent garage break-ins.

Preventing Entry Into Your Garage

Some door openers now come with tamper-proof emergency releases.  In the event that a would-be burglar tries to use a wire to hook onto the rope to pull the emergency release, a tamper-proof trolley is designed to prevent release.  Some opener models have optional automatic deadbolt locks that can be added at an additional cost.  For maximum protection, consider installing a garage door opener that features a programmable timer set to close your garage door after a pre-determined amount of time if it is accidentally left open.

Don’t Leave Your Remote in Your Car

If you use an automatic garage door opener equipped with remote entry capabilities, keeping your garage door remote in your car might seem like an ideal solution for easy access. However, bear in mind that if someone breaks into your car and steals your remote, they’ll have access to your garage and possibly even your entire home. An easy and safer alternative to keeping your garage door remote in your car is to simply attach it to your keyring, that way it’s with you at all times.

Treat your Garage Door as You Would Your Front Door

Just like you’d want your home’s front door to be built out of a strong and sturdy material, you should ensure your garage door is equally as strong to deter potential intruders. Even something as simple as high-quality insulation can add an extra layer of security, making it harder for burglars to break through your garage door. If your garage has windows, consider opting for frosted glass or covering them in a layer of frosted film to deter possible thieves since they’re less likely to make the effort to break into a garage they can’t peek into.

Install Home Security Systems

Home security systems can be extended to protect your garage and are without a doubt the best way to discourage thieves from even thinking about breaking into your home. Some garage door openers have the option of enabling Wi-Fi connectivity that allows you to control your garage door remotely using your computer or smartphone.  You can even set it to alert you if your door opens while you are away from home.

At the Door House, we have over 20 years of experience helping our valued customers with all their garage door and garage door opener needs – and that includes keeping their garages safe. Get in touch today for more advice or information on the best ways to prevent garage break-ins.